Prescription Drugs

Parents Are Unaware and Underestimate Their Influence

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Many parents are not aware of the dangers of teen prescription drug abuse. Teens say their parents are not discussing these dangers with them, even though research shows that parental disapproval is a powerful way to keep teens from using drugs. And parents are in a unique position to dramatically reduce teen access to prescription drugs because they are found in the home.

Guide for Safe Use of Opioid Drugs

News Read the label and take the drug exactly as directed. Never take more than directed. Don't tak...

Prescription Painkillers: 5 Surprising Facts

News 1. They don't work well against long-term pain Opioid drugs work very well to alleviate sev...

Hunterdon County Prescription Drop Boxes

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Prescription Drug PSA

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Prescription Drug Prevention

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Generation Rx Initiative Toolkits

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What is "Sizzurp"?

News This morning on the Today Show, there was a segment on sizzurp - soda, jolly ranchers and cough...

Hunterdon Police Collect 600 Pounds of Rx on National Take Back Day

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Hunterdon County residents disposed of 600 pounds of unused and expired medications on April 26th - the National DEA Take-Back Day.  What an awesome number !!

Rx Take-Back Collections

News The permanent Rx Take-Back Box installed at the Hunterdon County Justice Center has collected 1...
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