10 Myths About Alcoholism

MYTH 1: The only way to get better is to hit "rock bottom"

FACT 1: While some alcoholics do lose everything before they decide to seek treatment, people should and do see help before they reach this point.

MYTH 2: Drinking culture is harmless

FACT 2: Binge drinking is viewed as a harmless "rite of passage." This attitude toward alcohol consumption is dangerous. It is another way people with dependency issues rationalize their habits.

MYTH 3: You have a job, you're not an alcoholic

FACT 3: Alcoholism is a disease that spans all socioeconomic ranks. Anyone can find themselves in the grips of addiction.

MYTH 4: Willpower alone can stop an addiction

FACT 4: There are people who are able to stop drinking cold turkey, but they are the exception not the rule. Addiction is not a switch you can turn on and off at will.

MYTH 5: Controlled drinking is possible

FACT 5: Alcoholics who try to drink socially or have "just one" drink are usually playing with fire. Having a strong sober support network you can call on is key to a successful recovery.

MYTH 6: Everything will be perfect once you stop drinking

FACT 6: Early sobriety can be tough because all those emotions you tried to avoid by drinking can come back to the surface. Dealing with those feelings and tackling the "why" of your alcoholism is the only way to get on a healthy recovery path.

MYTH 7: Treatment is the magic cure

FACT 7: While in treatment, alcoholics have the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms and network with others seeking sobriety. But treatment programs aren't a one-stop shop to fix alcoholism. Alcoholism is a chronic disease and maintaining sobriety will be a lifelong journey.

MYTH 8: Alcoholics must go to AA

FACT 8: Alcoholics Anonymous can be very helpful for people fighting alcoholism. But the recovery community is not limited to one way of doing things. Maintaining sobriety and establishing a fulfilling life outside of addiction is a unique journey for everyone.

MYTH 9: Sobriety is boring

FACT 9: The vibrancy and support that can be found in the recovery community is unlike any other. Clearing your mind of the fog of your addiction opens it up to so much more. Now is the time to discover or regain beloved hobbies and restore meaningful relationships.

MYTH 10: Getting sober is impossible

FACT 10: Some people may feel like they are too far gone in their disease to get help. This is simply NOT TRUE! At any age or stage in your alcoholism, you can successfully seek sobriety.

Source: soberlink.com

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