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October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

News Below is a Presidential Proclamation making October, National Subsance Abuse Prevention Month. ...

Get Smart About Drugs

News The Drug Enforcement Administration announces the launch of the all new GetSmartAboutDrugs....

Teen's Drug Overdose in Classroom Spurs Video Plea

News In the video displayed below, Peter Marley of Long Valley, NJ is using his near-death experience to...

Shout Down Drugs

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The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey announced its 11th ANNUAL New Jersey Shout Down Drugs® high school initiative for substance abuse prevention.  Attached is a contest flyer that we ask you to share within your agency and with your colleagues, so they we may promote this award-winning prevention program among the teens in our communities.  Please encourage them to visit for more information.    Contest entry deadline is January 12, 2015. 


Preventing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse - Fact Sheet

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This flyer is distributed by The Partnership at Drug

Parents Are Unaware and Underestimate Their Influence

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Many parents are not aware of the dangers of teen prescription drug abuse. Teens say their parents are not discussing these dangers with them, even though research shows that parental disapproval is a powerful way to keep teens from using drugs. And parents are in a unique position to dramatically reduce teen access to prescription drugs because they are found in the home.

Cough Medicine Abuse: A Checklist for Parents

News Teen abuse of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines is a widespread and serious issue....

Marijuana Variants

News Marijuana variants, which include edibles, marijuana wax, marijuana butter, and marijuana oil, ...

Rocky Mountain Homeless

News Colorado has seen a spike in teens in shelters due to legal marijuana:

Feds test how stoned is too stoned to drive

News The link below includes a video clip of what law enforcement looks for when they stop someone f...
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