Pills to Heroin

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Prescription pain medications are safer than illegal drugs because doctors order them: True
Those that abuse prescription pain medication turn to heroin as a drug of choice because: It's cheaper
Easy to obtain
Type of high is similar
All of the above
None of the above
The best way to get rid of unused or expired meds is to: Throw them in the trash
Give them to someone who can use them
Keep taking them until they are all gone
Take them to a permanent drop box or to a prescription take back day
Don't get rid of them; save them just in case you need them another time
Most people who abuse prescription drugs get them from: Drug dealers
The medicine cabinet or house of someone they know
Steal them
Unlicensed or fake doctors
You can't get addicted to medication that a doctor orders for you: True
The only person who gets hurt by drug addiction is the person who abuses them: True
The heroin in NJ is not as strong as other parts of the world so it safer to use here: True
If you see someone who you think may be overdosing on drugs you should: Call 911 and then quickly get rid of any evidence
Call 911 and leave because you could be held responsible
Watch them closely and call 911 if they stop breathing
Give them water and sit them upright
Save their life by calling 911 and staying with them until help arrives
To locate a permanent prescription drop off box I should go to the following website: www.safecoalition.org click on the Rx tab
All the above
After viewing the Documentary From Pills to Heroin I am more likely to dispose of my expired/unused in a permanent prescription drug box: Not at all
Somewhat likely
Definitely likely
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